Positioning and Brand Development

A well-thought out communications plan based on high quality research is much more than a collection of activities that generate good PR; it’s a strategic asset for your company. Effective communications can help secure new business, build brand affinity, improve relationships with stakeholders, and build a valuable reputation that has a direct impact on your bottom line.

We believe that a well-differentiated and articulated brand positioning is the foundation for any effective PR or communications campaign. This will inform the strategy, tactics and messaging throughout the PR narrative, including the targeting of different media channels and platforms to engage audiences – in other words, brand positioning is one of the primary building blocks of effective PR for your business.

Typically the brand development process begins with a brand communications audit, which will take the form of qualitative research, in order to analyse the perceptions of key audiences and stakeholders. We will then work in partnership with our client to review the brand’s market position and profile, alongside an editorial and social media audit to select the right mix of media outlets for an effective media relations campaign.