Planning Approved for Studio KMA Designed Assisted Living Development in Great Sutton, Ellesmere Port

By 11th July 2018Client News

Planning approval has been granted for a Studio KMA designed scheme on behalf of Alternative Futures Group (AFG) and Hilldale Housing Association (HHA) on the site of the former public house The Sutton on Gleneagles Road, Great Sutton in Ellesmere Port. The scheme will provide five one-bedroom assisted living bungalows and a two storey building accommodating twelve one-bedroom apartments alongside generous internal communal space and the necessary staff/administration spaces, totalling 12,250 sq ft (1,138 sq m) of new floor space.

Studio KMA was commissioned to lead the design and planning process in place of the client’s internal design team in response to significant planning sensitivities in relation to the proposed demolition of a community asset. As lead consultant, Studio KMA has successfully negotiated the complex range of planning issues and ensured the replacement of one community asset, a former ‘estate pub’, with another – a new high quality supported living residential development.

Studio KMA is acting as lead consultant using BIM technologies and processes to ensure that the co-ordination and quality management of the delivery is optimised throughout. Specialist living solutions require very specific specifications and the practice are working closely with the client’s team to ensure the final product meets every aspiration.

AFG, which is a charity providing person-centred support to people with learning disabilities and mental health needs for over 25 years, and HHA have been working together to design a new development of immaculately designed flats and a range of custom designed bungalows.

AFG believes that it has listened to the community over the design of the project which will be available to serve the local community in spring 2019, as Regional Director Carol Toner explains:

“Early in 2017 we held a public consultation for the proposed new development in Ellesmere Port on the grounds of The Sutton public house.

“AFG and HHA are extremely proud to be leading the thinking and offer based upon the local community feedback. Next, we intend to work with the construction team to deliver an excellent sustainable designed service based on local community requirements.

“We’re planning to hold another public meeting to update the local community on the proposals and on our offer. We’re confident that the project will really enhance the lives of the people we support.”

Craig Welsh, Associate at Studio KMA said:

“Our design strategy has been to redevelop this key site within the village of Great Sutton in order to provide a really positive and urgently needed community asset – a high quality residential development for supported living to serve the people of Ellesmere Port.

“It was an important design consideration from the outset that the buildings be of a domestic style, rather than institutional, so the architecture has been designed to create a crisp, modern aesthetic. The buildings themselves have been arranged in such a manner so as to create an internal private courtyard characterised by structured landscaping and outdoor seating areas to ensure all residents have easy access to external amenity spaces for their enjoyment and relaxation.

“As architects, Studio KMA has always striven to balance commercial aspiration with social responsibility and we are proud to play our part in bringing this scheme to fruition for the benefit of the people of Ellesmere Port.”

Technical design is now underway and tender documentation will be issued in the coming months.


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