Crisis Communications

Although crisis management and communications is often regarded as a reactive discipline, the truth is that effective crisis communications is really about risk management – anticipating events and proactively managing both the probability and seriousness of high risk situations that may negatively impact upon a company’s hard-earned reputation.

At Just, we serve as trusted advisers and provide hands-on, personal support as a part of our clients’ senior teams to identify their top reputational threats, develop robust plans for the most likely scenarios, and provide the advice, expertise and intervention when they need it most.

We believe that a proactive approach to preventing crises by minimising probability and managing risk is always best, this requires an ongoing commitment from an experienced communications partner who is always on call to provide the advice and intervention you need in a timely and sensitive manner. In a 24/7 media environment, and with the proliferation of digital media, there is no time for management by consensus.