Media Relations

Media relations is a critical part of what we deliver at Just. With the proliferation of digital media, the value and credibility of editorial placements in traditional media outlets is greater than ever before. For our clients, managing and developing their strategic media relationships is one of their top priorities. The value of effective media relations cannot be underestimated.

Media relations, with its outcome of achieving third party endorsements above the “noise”, remains a critical component of an effective communications strategy and at the heart of PR because of its perceived objectivity and the well-established platforms and audiences of traditional media publications.

We believe that an integrated approach will always deliver the best results, with both earned and owned media being key components of an effective PR strategy, working together in a comprehensive brand or corporate communications program.

Why choose Just?

At Just, we place a high premium on media relations skills and contacts, publicity results, and earned media placements, with our senior team having 30 years’ experience, knowledge and contacts in the built environment sector.

To learn more about how we can help you manage and develop your strategic media relationships, please contact us.

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